Monday, 30 June 2008

Tres BON

God, that was good. As my regular reader (not pluralising it yet - though I'm almost sure I have TWO blog-followers) will know, me and my pals went down to Twickenham on Friday night to rock the Jovi. It was marvellous. Ok, so he's getting on a bit - but he's still very fit and had us screaming our little hearts out. Here's how it went down.

We're at work....we're ready to rock

Pre concert bloody marys

Woohoo - we're in (one looong arsed train journey later)

Scarves are a necessity for rockability

Jumping around doesn't make for good pics

The faaans - and a bit of nudity at the Jovi

Some nice men lent us a hat...

...which should've been worn during the crowd surfing

And that was about it. Looong arsed train journey back too - and was broken the day after. Rest of the weekend was spent shopping and with pals....and regaling the boy with some renditions of Bad Medicine. Lovely.

Friday, 27 June 2008

You give love a bad name

Name me anyone who can geniunely say that they don't like Bon Jovi, and I'll eat my hat.

Alright, so we might not want to openly admit to worshiping at the Jovi alter - but after a few pints, I bet that there's not a girl my age (27, ahem) who hasn't belted out the chorus of Livin on a Prayer, with her pals, while dancing round her living room and sloshing about white wine.

It doesn't take a genius to work out why they named their recent hits collection 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong - and today I'm outing myself openly as loving the Bon.

Me and my friends are off to see The Jonnster (maybe I won't call him that when he plucks me from the crowd) tonight at Twickenham, and I'm ridiculously excited. I thought I should rock the 80s look for the that if he does spot me, I'll remind him of his finest era. On are the big hooped earrings, jeans and check shirt. Still debating on a headband. I wanted to wear a Bon Jovi t-shirt, but I don't have one (for 'don't have one' read 'it's worn out - I wear it to bed'). But hey, I can buy one there.

We're listening to the classics now, getting ourselves hyped up - and debating on whether to make a banner for the occasion. Planning on getting there around 6, after going for some beer first, and screaming our little hearts out.

PS....his new stuff is kinda rubbish. Fingers crossed he plays Always and Bad Medicine.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dirty McDonalds

Dirty, dirty food - isn't it?

My pal Cami and I were given subliminal McD's advertising (shouts of 'go get McDonalds') by our colleagues on our way out to lunch today, and we succumbed.

A quarter pounder and chips later and we're feeling sick and greasy. I have a full afternoon of running around London to do, too - but it'll be more like lugging myself around town lethargically at this rate.

Could still go a bit of cake though.....

Monday, 23 June 2008

Exciting developments

Was just IMing with my pal Emily about blogging. She's been at it for years now - blogging that is - and I like her blog a lot. I definitely think that it's harder than it looks, though. I'm two weeks in now and the process of keeping a daily diary has revealed that not much goes on in my life (which is how I like it, incidentally - I don't fancy any boat rocking, tear inducing, teeth knashing crises anytime soon).

My work days generally look like this:

Get toast and watch the telly......go to work.... have lunch with pals.....back to work.....go to the pub......move on for cocktails (if I'm flash/flush)......go home to the man......cook the telly...... go to bed.

My weekends generally look like this:

Get up....potter around/go for a big breakfast...... go food friends/go shopping.......go to the pub or hang out with the boy for a DVD fest

Which doesn't make great blog fodder. Emily reckons it's all about having strong opinions, rather than keeping a daily record of your life - which is a good point. But I have to get some interesting, well thought through, opinions first. Mine are generally uneducated rantings (except for about shoes and movies - which I have many well researched opinions on).

So for now, here's a rundown of some (mildly) interesting things that are going on in my life:

1. My friend Sarah has been featured in the new poster for her favourite band One Night Only (pictured here)
2. I saw Will Mellor in my local costcutters on Saturday and he smiled at me. Which made me too embarrassed to buy the loo rolls I'd gone in for
3. I saw Joanna Lumley in Tescos (on the same day - a veritable celebrity spotting fest). She looks great and enjoys, seemingly, pepperoni pizzas
4. I got the first four numbers on the lottery on Saturday night. Which only wins £43. Two more and I'd have been a millionairess
5. I bought my dress for my friend Emily's wedding. And I'm so excited about going.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Legs and the telly

Phew - I've at last resurfaced after two days holed up at home, suffering with a particularly nasty dose of sciatica. Anyone who gets it will know that it's not nice at all. You feel ok when lying flat, but any movement sends your legs and bum into spasm, which can be agony. My doctor tells me that I get it particularly badly, and I must stick with my physio to sort it out - otherwise risk doing myself some long term damage. I'm pretty lazy about it though - but a dose like the one I've just had has reinforced my willpower and I'm determined to keep up the exercises.

Am now back on my feet, and in the office catching up on all the news and moves. Glad that I've recovered in time for the weekend and am very much looking forward to the first Friday drink tonight, and a lovely weekend filled with friends and family.

The two days at home saw me being annoying to say the least. I did a lot of pouting - and whinging that I could see it was sunny outside and that I wanted to be out. I think I said 'prisoner in my own home' (which of course I wasn't). I definitely grizzled. The boy did a sterling job in putting up with me though - and his commitment to regular tea making was most helpful.

The time at home did, however, allow me to watch a lot off Big Brother. I completed my marathon Big Brother watching session in between working (done from a horizontal position with a laptop balanced precariously on my good knee) and hobbling to the bathroom. I'm now firmly hooked (on the Big Brother, not on the bathroom hobbling) and I'm liking Rex more and more. If you haven't seen him (why?) or are wavering - here's my top ten reasons to support him:

1. He takes his girlfriend to the cinema every week, just so she can have the nachos (I too love multiplex nachos)
2. He has a lovely voice - very deep and assured (though I think my moniker of Sexy Rexy won't take off)
3. He likes kid's flicks...."what's wrong with Ratatouille, Luke?" (yeah, Luke, what's not to like about a talking rat?)
4. He cooks. Scratch that - he's a CHEF
5. He's good to his mother
6. He stood up to that nasty bitch, Alex. When none of the other men stepped in. What the hell happened to chivalry, boys?
7. He has a LOVELY voice (did I mention that?)
8. He isn't Mario
9. He's nice to Kat (I like her - she's HIWARIOUS) - and has invited everyone to his restaurant for an after show party (can I come?)
10. He doesn't scream, sing incessantly, pose (ok he does a bit) or talk about a TV show deal - unlike the rest of them

Come on girls and boys, let's make this boy a winner.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Just chatting to the boy about what a busy few weeks we have coming up. He was trying to cheer me up, as I'm home with a particularly nasty bout of sciatica which I get from time to time. He pointed out that it's only a few weeks to go until we have my recently-emigrated-to-Dubai friend, Katy, back for a visit.

This is very exciting news. Here's what happened when we decided to meet up for a farewell (small) drink before she emigrated.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Didn't we do well?

This blog isn't about my work. First off, I've heard tales of too-candid blogs resulting in disciplinary action, sackings, and (if you're a bit high-profile) possible exposes in the press. And secondly, I really like my job and the people I work with - and that isn't interesting fodder for blog posts.

But my night last night was work related, and a jolly good time was had. After an abortive start, I managed to crack on with a decent day's work - and was able to make an early exit to head down to a press launch in Soho that the team had organised for one of our clients. Lovely venue and all went swimmingly. Managed to meet some new people, see some old people (old aquantances, rather than aged ones) while documenting the night's proceedings on my shiny new cameraphone.

Here's how it went down. I'm the one in the green top (in close proximity to the wine glass - just out of shot). The others are my work-pals (heck, life pals actually) Cami and Sam and Amy.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Right then - am all settled in back at work. Have cleared the email decks and listened to a few voicemails. Have smoked several cigarettes with my work-pal Cami and she filled me in on the weekend's news and moves. Have decided where to go for lunch. So.... phew, after that frenzy, I can settle in to what will surely be my most productive working day yet.

I hear that Tuesday is supposed to be the most productive working day of the week. Apparently, on Monday, office workers have too many meetings and emails to catch up on (yep yep), but people knock down the most items from their to-do lists on Tuesday. Ok, so I missed Monday (a day off - was much needed), but still ...I'm not one to buck a trend, and will therefore crack on and get a lot accomplished today. Maybe if I work hard enough, I will reward myself with a small glass of wine tonight. I'm going to be at a press event (for work...see, productive already) so it'll be free, after all.

Right then - let's get cracking. Ooh - actually, I think I'll make myself a nice cup of coffee first to get the brain going. On a coffee buzz, I'll be twice as fast.

Back. Made for the rest of the office too. And went to get more milk.

Just going to tidy my desk a bit. A clear desk equals a clear mind. This preparatory stuff is key. And while I'm at it, I'm going to try those new yoga stretches which were shown on This Morning yesterday. Everyone knows that a fit person works better, right?

Yoga stretches were good. Desk's bloody spotless. Going to reward myself with a quick fag before REALLY cracking on.

Back. Just going to answer a couple of emails......

SHIT - it's 10.40. Must must get better at this.

Saturday, 14 June 2008


Having a bit of a rubbish weekend, really.

I woke up this morning too early and feeling oddly rubbishy (but sans hangover), so I’ve put off my planned trip to Dorset to celebrate Father's Day with Pa Baker - and am staying put on the sofa. Pretty annoying as I was looking forward to seeing Dad, but he's been typically understanding about the whole thing (thanks Dad).

In an attempt to get me out of my strop, the boyfriend's suggested a mooch around the shops instead - but think it might be unwise to mix a banging head and bright sunlight. Instead I'm drinking lots of tea, picking at some toast and watching Big Brother (this was the final straw for the boyfriend, who's now made a strategic escape from rubbish telly).

I bloody love Big Brother. Every year, when the buzz first starts and Heat Magazine starts printing sneak previews of the inside of the house, I tell myself that I won't watch it again. I definitely won't have to leave the pub, and my friends, religiously at half past nine to race home for the 10 o’ clock nightly catch up episode. And Friday nights are for romantic meals or cocktails in nice bars - not for evictions.

But more often than not, by week three, I'm hooked. It's around the second week mark that I know if I'm going to like it or not. If I can find a clear favourite, then I'm all over it. If I hate them all, I won't bother. This year, for me, it's all about Rex. There's something about his voice - and the fact that he's ever so slightly condescending (well, he's got a point - that Alex is a thick and nasty bitch) - that reels me right in. That'll be my summer gone then. Oh well.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Life on Mars.....

I'm currently obsessed by Veronica Mars. It's brilliant - you should watch it. It's on Living or Trouble - and is what Sky Plus was made for.

Typically, I'm about three years out of date, though, and after a quick google search today, I've found that the three series are done and dusted, and the show has been cancelled. But hey, a television schedule full of repeats can sometimes be a marvellous thing.

Checked it out last week, and was immediately hooked. Series linked it so that I had a stack of episodes lined up - and spent last night (while the boy was out being a glamourous PR type) with a big bag of crisps, a glass of wine and a few hours of entertainment. Actually, before I knew it it was almost midnight and the boy was back - telling me how well his glamourous PR event had gone.

Summing up the basic premise of the show sounds misleadingly, well...lame. It's about a high school student that acts as a private investigator in her spare time. And I guess the fact that Paris Hilton shows up in an early episode won't do much for my case.

But trust me, it's addictive. The ongoing mystery (which lasts a full season - of 40 odd eps) somehow keeps you entertained despite some cheesy dialogue and characters. But cheesy as the characters are, I like them all. Veronica's wisecracking is pretty contrived, but good god, she's made me want to be a private investigator.* And Logan (her on off boyfriend) is strangely attractive, despite being barely 21 (hey, he's probably older in real life).

There's a bit of Twin Peaks about it - with the drawn out tale, twists and turns and freakish flashbacks. This was added to, though, because I mistakenly started watching episode 33 (thinking it was the pilot) - so the mystery might have been more about me not getting the back story. But I'm straight out of work to HMV to pick up the rest, and catch up.

Genius TV - watch it.

* Since raising private dectective-ing as a career option, I've been told by many friends that my tendency to gossip could let me down significantly, and I'm probably better off in PR, where gossiping is a career-advancing skill.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Weekend with friends, and miracle hangover cure

Today's posts seem to have a theme - but bear with me.

A couple of weeks ago my lovely friend Jenny, from back home in Somerset, came to visit me in London. I had planned a weekend full of exciting pursuits: shopping, mainly, and lunches, followed by a friend's 30th birthday party in Clapham where we'd eat great food and drink frozen cocktails.

The only problem was that I got coerced (oh, all right, I suggested it) into drinks with my work pals on Friday night. And one quick pint turned into roughly a hundred.* A lovely evening was had, but I woke up on Saturday morning with the mother of all hangovers. After the long-suffering boyfriend had made me several cups of tea, which were promptly thrown back up, and wafted a bacon sandwich under my nose (it had the same effect as the tea), I headed to Paddington to pick up Jen. My head was exploding and instead of meeting her from the train with a big hug and lots of excited chatter, I almost threw up on her shoes.

So we had to go home. Rather quickly. In a cab. And instead of mooching around Selfridges buying lovely things and gossiping, we were sitting on my sofa watching Sky, while I was rendered unable to speak. Not fun. roughly forty minutes, I was fine and raring to go. In an hour we were in Topshop trying to work out whether a checked shirt made me look like a boy or not. That night, I was able to have some beer and celebrate the birthday boy's big day.

The miracle cure was soup. Gallons of hot peppery soup, which if you can keep it down (and believe me, it takes some doing) rehydrates your body immediately and steams out a hangover pronto. Try it, it's genius.

But what's better - and is quite frankly the best hangover cure in the world, ever - was called upon today. I ditched the chips idea in favour of a Wagamamas with my friend Sarah - and opted for their chicken itame, which is amazing. The salty coconut soup soaks up any left over booze immediately - and the spices knock your hangover out of the park. Order with extra chillis, and a generous slug of chilli oil and your hangover will be, well, over.

Feeling a load better than this morning, and have even managed to email my partner in crime from last night to tell her we must do it again soon. Tonight though, I'll be picking up the latest DVD releases (perhaps fuelling my guilty pleasure of Affleck flicks) curling up on the sofa and eating crisps. Can't wait.

*an alcohol fuelled exaggeration

Not another blog...

I'm not exactly famed for my ability to keep up a blog. I've tried to write a work one and a personal one before - and they've never made it past about 5 posts. One didn't even make it past finding a title. What I am famed for, though, is my ability to drink a lot of white wine. So it's after a lovely night in Angel, sitting in the fading evening sunshine and drinking wine with a friend, that I'm inspired to try again. Seems like a good distraction technique until the hangover clears, or until I can head out for some wine-absorbing chips at lunch.

Can't promise that this one will be any different, and even if it is, it's unlikely to be particularly interesting. But shall give it a whirl in the interests of having something to look back at when I'm old and settled and want to reminisce about the wine years.

Did I mention wine too much?